Come Visit Us

Welcome to Trinity Episcopal

Many people who come through our doors have not been in church for some time. Some were baptized, others not. Some grew up in a different Christian tradition, while others are exploring Christianity for the first time. Because we are the Episcopal Church in Sonoma, we attract many visitors who are members of other Episcopal congregations, vacationing in the wine country.

No matter who you are or where you are from, we want you to feel comfortable as a part of our community in any of the worship services. We’ve all been visitors in other places, too and, so we suspect you may have a host of questions ranging from “What do I wear?” to “What can I expect?” To the question, “What do I wear?” we say, wear what makes you feel comfortable – whether it’s casual clothing, jeans or your Sunday best. To the question, “What can I expect?”, we say…

About Worship

The structure of our worship is traditional in the sense that we do what the first Christians did – we gather, hear God’s word, we pray together, share the kiss of peace with all who have gathered, then we go to the table together, take communion, and thus renewed in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are sent into the world to live as we believe.   You will find this structure in any Episcopal parish as outlined in our liturgical Book of Common Prayer.

The central act of worship is the Eucharist, which enables us to experience most deeply in the story of God’s love for us, as we experience it in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. Everyone is invited to Christ’s table.

What time is Sunday service?  9 AM 

Practical Stuff. Where do I park? What about children?

Ample parking is behind the church and a covered bridgeway leads to the sanctuary, both of which are handicap accessible. You will pass Buttrum Hall and the Church Offices where restrooms are located.

At Trinity we know the importance of worshiping with your family. Your children are welcome to join you for all or part of the service. 

Do you kneel or stand for prayer? How will I know what to do?

There are no rules, just some customs and traditions – and we don’t all follow the same ones. You’ll see different people doing different things. Do more or less what your neighbors are doing, and you’ll be fine.   You will receive a bulletin when you enter the Sanctuary which will tell you what we are doing and when. And all the scriptural readings for the day will be included, so you can follow along.   The Book of Common Prayer, the 1982 Hymnal, the Holy Bible (NSRV version), and LEVAS (Lift Every Voice and Sing hymnal) are located in each pew, along with a printed version of the Saint Cyprian setting for the sung Eucharistic Prayer at the  service.