Adult Education & Spirituality

Bible StudyBible Study

Bible study is led by Rev. Jim Thomas and meets at noon every Wednesday after the Healing Prayer Service. Everyone is invited to attend, and no reservations are required.   The Bible Study group meets in the Dallas Library or Buttrum Hall depending on attendance.  

For more information, please contact the Church Office at 707.938.4846 or email

Centering PrayerCentering Prayer

The Centering Prayer Group provides a regular, informal setting for persons interested in twenty minutes of silent worship. The group meets in St. Luke’s Chapel. On occasion, book studies and video presentations on contemplative themes are occasionally scheduled.  

For more information, please contact Scott Sherman at 707.996.4744 or email  

Mindful Living & Women's FellowshipMindful Living & Women’s Fellowship

The women’s Mindful Living Fellowship looks at ways and learning skills to be more aware of the moment in which we’re living and not allow our minds to be captured by sorrowful past thoughts, regrets and mistakes nor nagging anxiety about the future. The fellowship welcomes all to come to discussed issues important to you: ups, downs, disappointments and successes in the spirit of loving, caring, giving and receiving.  

To participate and learn more about the Mindful Living Women’s Fellowship, please contact Joan Biersch at 626.485.0482 or email or Mary Omodt at 707.343.7337 or