StewardshipWhat is Stewardship?

Christian Stewardship is the obligation of Christians to manage and intelligently utilize the gifts that God has given. The Christian steward is not only responsible for the financial blessings provided by God but also the spiritual gifts that are given through the Holy Spirit. God wants human beings to be His stewards in the work of creation, redemption, and sanctification.

Importance of Stewardship

According to scripture, God created Earth for mankind, and we are now stewards of His creation. This means it is our responsibility to look after and take care of this world. We should accept this responsibility and appreciate God’s gift of creation for being our home. Our stewardship of creation involves the caretaking of the environment and animals as well as our families, communities and our church. Being a good steward in this world is one way of expressing our love for God and our gratitude to Him.

Annual Stewardship Campaign

Trinity’s Annual Stewardship Campaign provides the ability to make an annual pledge which supports the church’s operating expenses each year. Major expenses include Ministries, Programs and Personnel, Facilities, Diocesan Assessment and Office Expense.   Pledge donations may be provided at Sunday services or using online Realm eGiving through our website under ‘Giving.’   Online donations are also accepted by texting 73256 to TrinitySonoma. The link will appear where you can provide your donation.  

Your annual Stewardship pledge is greatly appreciated as it provides the Finance and Stewardship Committee a forecast of expected revenues from the congregation each year.